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20130816-weaving pattern

Hi everyone,

Here is a link to some photos of my current model madness.

Right now I have a weave pattern that is creating some soft curves and dappled light patterns (see the blue card model). It currently requires a nicely designed anchoring detail and probably to extend the weave pattern further to create decent coverage. I like the fact that this model doesn’t require any other structural elements. It is the structure and that kind of simplicity in such a small space is probably a good thing.

The last two pictures are images of how that weave pattern could interact with a structural system. I’m not so convinced by this, though that could be partially because the model is solid and gives a false sense of what the light quality would really be like.

I’m looking into continuing the weave pattern around to become more solid walls and maybe even create seating opportunities like the carpet couch by Phooey Architects.

I don’t know the destination but this is a snapshot of my current trajectory. Questions, comments, suggestions and advice area all appreciated.